Thursday, February 15, 2007

St.Valentine’s day celebration in Kazan

      St. Valentine’s day 2007 has been a really bright event in the life of Kazan. It was nice to see that citizens of Kazan didn’t forget about this holiday and congratulated each other on it with some special gifts, flowers and cards. Cafes of Kazan were full people this day, even it was quite difficult to find a vacant table there.
      Kazan city administration and Centre on work with students’ clubs held all-city event «I Love…». From the 2nd till the 14th of February people had a chance to make a declaration of love in a form of dance or song. The most prominent and unique declarations were shown on the concert at Basket-Hall right on St. Valentine’s day. Besides these declarations there was a performance of popular musical bands «Fabrika» and «The Brothers Grimm» who congratulated the audience on St. Valentine’s day and sparked a real furor.
      The exhibition centre «Hermitage-Kazan» also prepared surprises for those who are in love. The special action «Break the monotony for the name of love!» was held within the walls of the museum, where all visitors were given unusual Valentine’s Day cards from the Hermitage. Around 3 p.m. there was the theatrical performance of the band «Magic lamp». The most interesting part of the day began at 6 p.m. when all guests had a chance to taste a wine with the symbolic name «Love drink» while looking at the exhibition «The half of the Kingdom for horse». Only at this day guests of the event had a wonderful opportunity to take a video and a photo against the background of the horsecloth dated 1855 for free.

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