Monday, January 29, 2007

Kazan’s young generation is anxious about ecological situation in the world

      As everybody knows, ecological situation in the world is one of the most important problems of our modern society. Global warming, air and water pollution, deforestation are only few ecological problems that people face every day. Most people still don’t understand that without their active participation life won’t be better and ecological problems can’t be solved themselves. It’s impossible to control everywhere ecological recommendations observance without people’s active participation in it.
      We need to understand the necessity of teaching people from their childhood to protect the world around them. First of all, we have to realize an ecological reality. It can be done though different educational programs and conferences. It is very pleasant to know that Kazan is not indifferent to ecological problems. In particular, on January 26, 2007 the VII city ecological conference of pupils “Ziliant” was opened at Cultural-Sport Centre «UNIX». Each pupil of Kazan and other regions of Tatarstan could take part in it. The main purpose of the conference was to unite children in solving of ecological problems and to form their ecological worldview. Within the framework of the conference contest of agitation and express-exhibition were held. Pupils defended their research works, made reports on environmental activities, and presented their poems, essays and newspapers. The main topic of the conference was – «Vanessa, Lumbricus & Co” - devoted to the wonderful world of invertebrata and microcosm. The best works of the participants will be sent to Moscow to take part in contests of All-Russia Ecological Movement «Green Planet».
      All in all, it was a perfect chance for children to become more educated in the field of ecological situation in the world, which is very important thing nowadays.


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